Monday, January 9, 2017

Before Public Gardens & Parks - 1660 Local Families Eating Dinner at a Local Tavern or Inn 's Garden Terrace

Jan Steen (Dutch artist, 1626-1679) The Outdoor Tavern Garden 1660.  Here food & cheer are served to everyday families under a large arbor on one of the little garden terraces, that innkeepers began to attach to their inns during this period for the use of the general populace. 

Outdoor spaces were the scene of amusements & recreation at local inns & taverns in the centuries before more dignified commercial public pleasure gardens blossomed on both sides of the Atlantic. Before the advent of commercial gardens, elites usually gathered together in more elegant private gardens. For recreation, elites also enjoyed promenading, especially in a public place, to meet other elites or to be seen & admired by others. Commercial public pleasure gardens & grounds became places to meet folks from a broader spectrum of society's classes including elites, neighbors, & travelers passing through - to exchange news; to meet lovers; to play sports & games; to eat & drink; to watch entertainments; to promenade for recreation; to conduct business; to see & be seen.