Saturday, December 10, 2016

Before Public Gardens & Parks - Elite 17C Garden Celebration with random dogs & peacocks & music

Jan Steen (Dutch artist, 1626-1679) Garden Party 1677

Dutch artist Jan Steen (1626-1569) is best known for his upbeat genre paintings depicting scenes from everyday life. Genre painting in the Netherlands began with images of proverbs, allegories, & folklore by 16C artists, among them Pieter Breugel the Elder (1528-1569).  By the early 1600s, the Netherlands had come to prosper through trade & commerce. Soon a new middle-class emerged which could accumulate enough money to buy decorative items for their homes. Artists began to create images for this new type of buyer, usually subjects that they would see around them in their daily lives. Unlike the high art paintings, that the very wealthy would specially commission from artists, genre works were sold on the free market to anyone who could afford to buy them.