Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Before Public Gardens & Parks - 1661 Aristocratic Golf & Nine Pins in Moscow

Pendrawing, created in the 17C for Baron Augustine Meyer Berg 1622-1688 (Augustin von Mayerberg.) Meyer Berg collected drawings of the immediate area around the German embassy in Russia. The Mayerberg Album is a collection of drawings and descriptions of the 17C Tsardom of Russia, assembled by Augustin von Mayerberg (also Meyerberg & Meyer Berg), a German baron, who was sent to embassy Muscovy by Emperor Leopold I in February 1661.   They arrived in Moscow May 15/25, 1661, and departed April 26/May 5, 1662.   
Mayerberg wrote 2 Latin accounts of the embassy, both of which have been translated into modern Russian.   Since there are relatively few contemporary drawings of Muscovy by Western artists, the album of drawings compiled under Mayerberg's supervision is still of considerable interest. Muscovy is an alternative name for the Grand Duchy of Moscow, the Tsardom of Russia. The drawings are thought to be the work of Johann Rudolf Storn 1642-1663, although Mayerberg also was accompanied on this assignment by a painter Puman.  The drawings are in pen lightly colored in with water colors. 
The ambassadorial residence, was located in the Kitai-Gorod, not far from Red Square.  Details show members of the embassy amusing themselves with their own games--a form of field hockey and nine-pins.  Members of the strel'tsy look on.