Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1738 Ode to Handel's Statue at Vauxhall

Odes to Roubiliac's Statue of Handel

Roubiliac's statue of Handel, as shown in the Illustrated London News in 1859

Upon Handel's Statue being placed in Spring-Garden at Vaux-Hall
As in debate the tuneful sisters stood,
In what sequester'd shade, or hallow'd wood,
Should Handel's statue (musick's master!) stand,
In which fair art well mimick's nature's hand;
Thus spoke the god, that with enliv'ning rays,
Glads the whole earth, and crowns the bard
"Here bid the marble rise, be this the place,
"The haunt of ev'ry muse, and ev'ry grace;
"Where harmony resides, and beauties rove:
"Where should he stand but in Apollo's grove?"

May 1738 in the Literary Courier of Grub-street, and in the London Magazine