Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sports & Games - A most elegant 1736 game of Skittles accompanied by Music

Johan Franz Hörmannsperger (Austrian, 1710-?) Music and Bowling 1736 from his private album shows artist/tailor bowling in a Baroque garden on the weekend with his tailor friends. Album of the Imperial blanket maker J. F. Hörmannsperger. Baroque pattern book and album of the blanket maker Johann Franz Hörmannsperger. Vienna. A unique document of late Baroque craftsmanship among the urban Third Estate. These gouaches showing the self-assured 26 year-old author practicing his trade in his workshop, advertising and selling his wares to customers, as well as playing music and even bowling. Inscription for this image: "All gay and jolly, for we are journeymen of the trade: and so the virgins may be; they will not be bored - here is red wine and white, so well we may make merry."