Friday, September 1, 2017

1764 Ranelagh Garden Fireworks

1774-78 Joseph Wright of Derby ( English artist, 1734–1797) European Firework Display

AT RANELAGH-HOUSE, This Day, being the 19th Instant (being the last Time of opening This Season) will be an elegant FIREWORK, with several new transparent Paintings and Illuminations, besides those exhibited at the late Fireworks, making the Whole much superior to any Thing of the Kind ever given there before.

The new Serenato, called The EPHESIAN MATRON, will be performed between Eight and Nine. There are to be two Sets of Music on the canal to play alternately, and during the Firework (which begins exactly at Ten). The music composed by Mr. Handel, for the grand Firework in 1748, will be performed in the New Orchestra, lately erected in the Garden, which will be elegantly illuminated.


FIRST FIRING. 1. Eight Half- Pound Sky Rockets. 2. Two Tourballoons. 3. Two Air Balloons. 4. A new Piece of Three Vertical Wheels with brilliant and white Fires intersecting each other. 5. A Pyramid of twenty-one Boxes and Chinese Fires. 6. A Horizontal and Vertical Wheel, illuminated. SECOND FIRING. 7. Eight Half-Pound Sky-Rockets. 8. Two Tourballoons. 9. Two Air Balloons. 10. A regulating Piece of three Mutations, first, a brilliant Wheel illuminated; second, a Sun and Glory; third, six Branches representing Ears of Corn. 11. A new Piece with a Vertical Brilliant Wheel and Yellow Fires in the Center, and eight Furilloni Wheels at the extreme. 12. A regulating Piece of three Mutations, first, a Brilliant Wheel illuminated; second, a fixed Sun; third, a Brilliant Star with eight Points. THIRD FIRING. 13. Eight half-pound Sky Rockets. 14. Two Tourbilloons. 15. Two Air Balloons. 16. A large new Piece, first, a large Brilliant Wheel moved by four Fires, illuminated in the Center with Fires of various Colours; second, a large Brilliant Sun whose Rays extend 50 feet. 17. A large horizontal Wheel moved by six Fires with six Vertical Wheels, and a Globe illuminated. 18. A Piece called The Fort with brilliant Fountains, Roman Candles and Chinese Fires. 19. Twelve WaterRockets. 20. A grand Buffette of three Mutations extending cross the Canal, consisting of illuminated Wheels, Palm Branches, Fire-Trees of Chinese Fires, and six Pot d'Agrettes. 2 I. Twelve Air Balloons.

Coffee and Tea included.

- Advertisement, 1764.